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It Is On, Part Deux
It Is On, Part Deux
Jim Meadows
Published by Swampy Meadows
It Is On, Part Deux

BEVERLY HILLS (MI) -- The Temple game is in the books. Any time you can drill John Chaney U, in my mind it’s a good day. However, UD fans and the Dayton Flyers basketball team as a squad can now finally turn our collective focus to much more important matters:

It’s Time to Kick Some Xavier Butt--AGAIN!

Thursday night at 9:00PM EST on ESPN 2 the Flyers will face off against their arch-nemesissies from the south, the soon-to-be-no-longer-ranked-#19 (AP)/#22 (ESPN/USA Today) Xavier Mouseketeers.

But first, a little history lesson for those of you with French accents.

Dayton 81

Eggsovereasy 67

For you historically impaired X fans, that’s the current all-time series standings and don’t look now, but the number on the UD side of the ledger is about to go up by one.

My new buddies over on the Xavier MBs like PM Thor, Ivanhoe and Xavier Tragedy basically drilled me a new one when I had the audacity to predict a 15 point UD victory before the two teams’ first encounter. I apologize fellas, I was totally wrong.

UD only won by 13.

And to “1 and Done” the supposed UD student who spends his time over on their sites licking the boots of the Frenchmen, I would imagine that there is a special place in Hades for you, my turncoat friend.

The thing about history, as George “Carlos” Santayana so eloquently put it, is that:

"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."

Can everything old actually be new again? Heck yeah and now is as good a time as any to start, wouldn’t you say? Dayton has already humiliated X once; it’s time to make it two in a row!

Xavier fans are fond of posting pictures of Jimmy Carter, insinuating that it has been that long since UD has won a game vs. X in the Queen City. I would imagine that years from now, a picture of Barack Obama will help provide UD fans the same kind of painful reminder for Mouskie followers.

And I just love how X fans insist that the Flyers/Musties matchup isn’t a rivalry. If it ain’t, then why on earth did your head coach hold a special meeting with your students immediately after the first loss to UD in an attempt to get them fired up? “Please don’t go on Spring Break, stay here for the UD game.” But this isn’t a rivalry game?


What better way for the Flyers to deliver a message to the rest of the college basketball universe than to roll down I-75 and take the Mouskies brightly feathered, 3 cornered hats and stuff ‘em right down their puffy pants?

How better to wake up “St. Joe” Lunardi than to cut out X’s heart and stomp on it –- YET AGAIN -- on his employer’s network?

You can have your Chris Wright/Derrick Brown, Dante Jackson/Marcus Johnson or Kenny Frease/Kurt Hueslman matchups as far as I’m concerned. As a Michigan guy, the one duel that I want to see is Opie Redford vs. Paul Williams, Part Two. PW acquitted himself quite nicely in the first meeting: making a steal and feeding MJ for a layup; feeding Devin with a lob for an easy two; nailing a 3 pointer and playing great D on the little fella, who had a nice turnover soon after entering the game and later got one of his patented long-distance grenade launches swatted away by Chris Wright. Keep it up, Red. Will it decide the outcome of the game? Probably not, but that doesn’t mean I still don’t want to see it happen!

I firmly believe that this is the year that Dayton has the athleticism, the depth, the defense and, most importantly, the attitude to take two from the Frenchmen. A healthy Chris Wright doesn’t hurt, either. The Flyers have accomplished the first part of their mission, now it’s time to storm the Uniform Rental Center and finish the freakin’ job.

And if you ask me, those spiffy-looking alternate black jerseys that the Flyers will be sporting are just waiting to don the mantle of invincibility.

Time to kick butt and take names -– AGAIN!

Flyers 70

Mouskies 60

That’s it “From the Swamp.”
You can email me at: swampy@udpride.com
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